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Buchanan Award
AVV is the proud sponsor of the Buchanan Award.  The Donald Ian Buchanan Memorial Lecture is given by a laboratory technologist who is working in the field of transfusion medicine, at the CSTM annual conference.  Dr. Buchanan was a strong supporter of technologists and encouraged them to share their expertise at meetings and conferences.
The award recipient is determined by the CSTM.  For more information visit the CSTM website -
Buchanan Award Recipients
Year Recipient Conference City
1995 Margaret Sinclair Edmonton 
1996   Toronto 
1997   Vancouver 
1998   Ottawa/Hull 
1999    Saskatoon 
2000   Quebec 
2001   London 
2002 Pat Letendre  Vancouver 
2003 Kate Gagliardi  Halifax 
2004 Julie diTomasso  Niagra-on-the-Falls 
2005  Terry Jones  Banff 
2006 Sylvia Lebrun  Montreal 
2007 Eric Ching  Calgary 
2008 Hilda Gaal  AABB in Montreal 
2009  Wendy Owens  Ottawa 
2010 Kathy O'Shea  Vancouver 
2011 Danielle Watson  Toronto 
2012 Joan MacLeod  Halifax 
2013 Beverly Padget  Edmonton 
2014 Ann Wilson  Quebec City 
Robert Fallis
Maureen Wyatt
2017Melanie Tokessy

About Dr Donald I. Buchanan
Dr Buchanan was born in India, educated at the University of Glasgow and served with the Royal Canadian Air Force Medical Corps in Normandy and Belgium during the Second World War.  
He immigrated to Canada in 1949 and in the same year he established the Edmonton Centre for the Canadian Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service.  In 1958, he joined the University of Alberta Hospital as Medical Director.  He also prepared and taught a program for Blood Bank technologists and his graduates were used extensively to staff the transfusion areas across Canada.
During his 30 years of deidcation to transfusion medicine he published 28 scientific papers and was awarded the Alberta Governement Acheivement Medal.  He published many articles on the D blood group system as well as the Diego and Lutheran systems.  He was also very instrumental in the development of the RhIG program.  Dr Buchanan also founded the Immunohematology Club of Edmonton.
Dr Buchanan passed away at the age of 73 in 1987.
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