Alberta Vein to Vein Society

Celebrating AVV members at CSTM 2019!!!

The application process is now closed.  Recipients will be notified soon.


  • In an effort to promote education in transfusion medicine, encourage AVV members to attend CSTM, and recognizing the unique opportunity of a national conference being held within the province,  the Alberta Vein to Vein Society is sponsoring 10 additional awards consisting of Early Bird Full Conference Registration to CSTM 2019 which will be held in Calgary. 

Click below for more information on CSTM 2019:  

Qualified Individuals:

  • Live and/or work in Alberta or the Northwest Territories and
  • Work in, are studying in, or graduated from a healthcare profession in the last 2 years and
  • Have an interest in transfusion medicine.
  • Preference is given to front line staff working in transfusion medicine, but managers and administrative staff are eligible as well.